Indonesian Furniture
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What wood is used in your furniture?

Properly seasoned and dried Teak from government licensed plantations.

What is the shipping time?

USA / Europe - 28 / 30 days.

How do I import a full container?

It's not difficult. Thousands of containers are shipped every day. Just email us and we'll send you the details.

What local taxes must I pay when I import Indonesian furniture?

Different rules apply in different countries but Indonesia is usually classed as a developing country so there should usually be no import duty payable but check with a local freight forwarder or customs broker.

What is the time scale to manufacture my furniture?

We need 28 days for small orders and longer for larger orders. Container loads take approximately 7 weeks depending on work load.

How do I pay?

We accept payment by PayPal, Credit card and bank transfer.

Can I order furniture to a particular design?

Of course - all we need is a sketch or photograph + some sizes and we can send you a quotation.

What about damage during shipping?

Your furniture is protected and wrapped with carton faced cardboard and then, if it is being shipped LCL, each piece is crated with substantial timber framing. It should arrive undamaged but accidents during shipping, over which we have no control, can happen so we advise that you insure to cover the risk from the shipping date to the delivery date. This insurance cover can usually be added to standard home contents cover for a small additional charge and you will be able to process any claim locally. Alternatively, we can insure on your behalf with the shipping company - usually for 3 to 4% of the goods value.