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Indonesian Bed Frames: Indonesian Beds

Grand King Bed frames in solid Teak at factory prices

FP70 Grand King Bed in solid Teak at amazing factory priceThese beds require a mattresss size 80" x 98" which provides a sleeping width per person of 40" - 1" more than a US standard single or twin and 4" more than a UK or European single.

Our large range of GRAND KING size beds in hardwood consists of more than 45 designs and styles to make your sleeping area special and all frames are made in solid teak and sold at wholesale prices direct from our factory.

Our designs include 4 poster, canopy, platform , wedding and opium styles to suit all international mattress sizes - including Grand King. Grand king frames are not just for basketball players although Al Jefferson reportedly paid $27,000 for his. Anyone over 6'6" will have experienced the difficulty in getting comfortable in a Queen or King sized bed, particularly if there is a footboard. California Kings with a length of 84" go some way to solving the problem but if you need some extra space between headboard and footboard then a Grand King is the answer and there's no need to pay anything like $23,000!

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FP70 Grand King size: solid Teak

Grand King bed in solid Teak- What about the cost for a custom made bed in this size in solid Teak?

All our beds are custom built from solid Teak so the difference for us in making a Grand King instead of a regular King is really down to the extra teak wood and a little more labor cost - reckon on about $350 more than a standard King for any of our bed designs.

4 Poster Indonesian Bed FPJava

Finding a Grand king size bed frame used to be a problem – but not anymore!

We have over 40 bed designs and styles including platform beds, four poster beds in short, medium and pencil post styles, canopy beds, opium beds, low beds and wedding beds and we can manufacture any of our designs to Grand King size bed– and all in solid Teak of course.

Grand King size beds accommodate mattresses size 80” x 98” giving you an extra 30% of sleep space over a standard king bed.

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Naturally, we also manufacture nightstands and dressers to match the bed style.

Matching sheets - finding these is no longer a problem

Low Platform Bed FP111

Of course you will need to find sheets and other bed coverings of the correct size for your Grand King.

This used to be something of a problem and required custom made sheets but now there are a number of companies that can supply these grand king sheets in various colors and designs from stock.

Where can I find a suitable size mattresses for these beds? - Finding these is no longer a problem

Mattress size 80" x 98" for your new Grand King bedThere are now plenty of businesses selling Grand King mattresses in sprung or latex foam designs of various thicknesses but finding a box spring of the correct size to support the mattress in retail stores is not easy.

So check out suppliers in advance if you really need a box spring.

Hyatt at Home sell these mattresses but their available box springs seem limited to King size and these consist of 2 split boxes.